Proud to present: Games, seriously!? handbook

Two years of transnational discussions, pilots and development processes related with games are now compiled in a handbook. CONNEXT is proud to present: Games, seriously!? Serious games as a tool for empowerment handbook.

Games, seriously!? handbook summaries the gamification approach of CONNEXTGames, seriously and presents practical examples of game processes and game challenges carried out. Some questions discussed in the handbook include:

  • Why should one use games as a tool?
  • What are the steps in game development?
  • How does empowerment link with games?
  • Why and how to involve participants in creating games?
  • How can one use games to support inclusion and equality?

Co-writing served as an enriching and educational process for the authors of this handbook from Belgium, Finland and Sweden. We also discovered a new concept, which crystallizes what we have been doing all along: game-based empowerment. We have noticed in practice that games have an inspirational and engaging power. We are also convinced that they can be used to support youngsters and migrant groups in a meaningful way.

We now welcome you to read the handbook, become inspired and continue exploring game-based empowerment together with us!

Handbook Games, seriously!? Serious games as a tool for empowerment

Psst! We have also published some CONNEXT game challenges on the website of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Stay tuned, as there is more to come!