Learning network

CONNEXT for inclusion focuses particularly on exchanging experiences and developing tools related with game-based learning and in particular Serious Urban Game® (S_U+G®) methodology, originally developed by [ew32]. While doing so, a local learning network is established in each country, Belgium (Flanders), Finland and Sweden. Three international trainings together with regular online support to trainers actively using S_U+G® will strengthen the local learning networks. 

On an international level also other experiences are shared in a systematic way by organising networking days in conjunction with international training weeks. The tentative topics of exchange are:

  • Belgium 03/2019: labour market integration, sports as a tool for integration, prevention of early school leaving; causes and solutions on gender related early school leaving
  • Sweden 10/2019: families, peer support, networks, equal communication, gender equality
  • Finland 3/2020: gender sensitive career counselling, networking with NGOs working with immigrant boys and men

The project team and the steering group will continuously work on developing the learning network together with the transnational and national partner organisations. Lessons learnt from the exchange of experiences on S_U+G® as well as other areas will be shared on the CONNEXT website.

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