Game-based learning

In CONNEXT for inclusion game-based learning is developed and promoted in transnational collaboration. Professionals from Belgium, Finland and Sweden are welcomed to join a learning network, which consists of trainings, regular online support meetings and further development of game-based learning tools. The starting point for co-creation is the S_U+G Serious Urban Game® methodology, which was originally developed by Belgian [ew32].

The S_U+G® methodology strongly engages the participants of the group in co-creation and makes use of a digital platform designed for city races. During the game scenarios, storyboards, videos, photos, games and blogs are used to express insights about ‘serious’ topics in an appropriate way. In short: it is a game for and by participants.

The process for professionals or any group of participants consists of 3 different consecutive workshops called ‘Labs’: LearningLabs, GameLabs and TestLabs.

  • LearningLabs: gain insight into the theme.
  • GameLabs: co-creation of stories and game mechanics.
  • TestLabs: play and evaluate the game in development.

General objectives of the S_U+G® methodology are:

  1. Increase self-reliance and citizenship competences: experience-driven learning can eliminate barriers and clarify the diversity of available solutions for societal questions
  2. Connect participants to social stakeholders in the area
  3. Stimulate reflection and open dialogue
  4. Experience the concept of group-dynamics
  5. Have FUN

Brochure on S_U+G®


Motivation is the key!

The aim of CONNEXT is to empower migrants and refugees to be part of our societies and believe in their own future. Self-determination theory (SDT) –  a theory on motivation…